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What is a bonded wire retainer?

A bonded wire retainer is a small wire glued to the inside of the top or bottom front teeth.

How does the bonded retainer work?

As the wire retainer is both fixed to the teeth but still flexible it prevents the teeth moving out of line after the orthodontic appliance or brace has been removed.

Will it hurt?

No,there should be no pain or discomfort.

How do I clean my teeth & the retainer?

Extra care must be taken when cleaning your teeth and the wire retainer.

How long will the retainer need to be in place?

As long as the retainer is intact it is better to leave it in place. Removal may allow the teeth to move even years later.

Will there be any permanent damage?

Poor cleaning and too many fizzy drinks can cause permanent decay marks. The importance of thorough brushing and the use of a fluoride mouthwash cannot be emphasised enough.

How often should I return for check-ups?

The retainer can be checked by your family dentist at your usual checkups.

How successful will it be?

Occasionally,if there is damage or discomfort, the wire retainer will need repairing or replacing.